Definite Focus

Carl Zeiss has released Definite Focus, a system for the Axio Observer.Z1 that can be used for the research of cell cultures in many biomedical applications and much more

Version 2.6 of ProgRes CapturePro

Jenoptik has launched Version 2.6 of its CapturePro image acquisition software for ProgRes microscope cameras. Version 2.6 offers a series of functions and enhancements that make camera operation easier.

Cell^A and Cell^B

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems, providing a well-balanced system for documentation and archiving in basic cell microscopy.


The BAC151 is a video microscope sampling system compatible with B&W Tek's complete line of laboratory and industrial Raman probes.


Olympus has introduced its OLS3000IR LEXT IR confocal laser scanning microscope, the latest member of its near-IR silicon inspection microscope range.

XploRA Raman Microscope

Horiba Jobin Yvon has released its XploRA microscope, which is part of the LabRAM family of Raman systems and is based on a research grade optical microscope offering all the standard imaging options such as polarisation, DIC and phase contrast.


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