Prior Scientific has announced an addition to their range of microscope filter wheels and shutters. The new HF110A/32 holds ten 32mm diameter filters, and fits to the excitation ports of popular microscopes


WITec has launched the alpha300 access micro-Raman system in conjunction with a thorough revision of the long-established alpha300 series


Developed in the Clarendon laboratory in the physics department at the University of Oxford, Oxford Nanoimaging (ONI) has released the desktop fluorescence microscope, the Nanoimager, to deliver nanoscale resolution imaging of live cells

FLIM and FCS upgrade kit

PicoQuant has expanded the compatibility list of its FLIM and FCS upgrade kit to include the Olympus FV3000 confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM)


Built for fast, stable and accurate measurements of biological reactions within living cells and tissues, Olympus' FV3000 offers flexibility for all live-cell imaging applications, providing high-resolution images of structures and dynamic intracellular p

The LF210

The LF210 Laser Autofocus System from Prior Scientific is designed to improve microscopic examination of a wide range of reflective samples including semiconductor wafers and hard disc drive platens

BX3M series

The new modular BX3M series of upright microscopes from Olympus can be customised to suit any requirement, from a cost-effective workhorse to a high-end research system

nVia Qontor

Renishaw has released the inVia Qontor Raman microscope with LiveTrack focus tracking technology, enabling users to analyse samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces.


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