iLine F

An in-line suspension cell-monitoring microscope, the iLine F, has ben introduced by Ovizio Imaging System, a quantitative microscopy company that specialises in solutions for the life sciences market

DCS-120 System

Using new 64 bit SPCM data acquisition software, the bh DCS‑120 FLIM system records images of the full field of view of a microscope lens at diffraction-limited resolution

Leica DVM6

Leica Microsystems launches the digital microscope Leica DVM6, which is designed for inspection, analysis, and measurement in quality control, quality assurance, failure analysis, research and development, and forensics


Lambert Instruments today has introduced a new fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy system: The Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment for Time-Domain imaging


The flagship offering in the range of Olympus biological microscopes, the FluoView FVMPE-RS series is widely used in life science research


The Siskiyou IS-OGP is a simple, turnkey, modular solution for integrating an external laser beam into an existing microscope in optogenetics experiments that utilize a laser spot to stimulate target neurons in the cortex of lab animals

Zeiss LSM 800

ZEISS is introducing a new compact confocal laser scanning microscope for high-end confocal imaging, ZEISS LSM 800. Tailored to the needs of a broad range of applications in individual research environments, the system complements the recently introduced

XE15 atomic force microscope

The new XE15 atomic force microscope with unique MultiSample Scan from LOT-QuantumDesign can automatically images and measure up to nine individual samples without user intervention


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