Leica DCM8

Leica Microsystems has launched the Leica DCM8, a combined confocal and interferometric optical profiler, for non-destructive three-dimensional surface profiling

IDRaman micro

Ocean Optics has released the IDRaman micro, a compact microscope designed for Raman measurements in research, quality control and quality assurance

Park XE-7

Park systems has released the Park XE-7 AFM. The device has independent, loop XY and Z flexure scanners for sample and probe tip and has flat and orthogonal XY scan with low residual bow


Zeiss has introduced super-resolution photo activated localisation microscopy with a new line, Elyra. Users can capture resolved structures in 3D, while leaving the sample fit for long-term observation

Lightsheet Z.1

Zeiss has developed a light sheet microscope for 3D observations of biological samples over very long periods of time

Nexview profiler

Zygo has released the Nexview profiler, its 3D imaging and measurement system for rapid, precise, quantitative, and interactive surface metrology

S neox

Sensofar has introduced the S neox, a system for non-contact optical 3D profiling


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