Princeton Instruments has announced the availability of a new microscope interface designed for exclusive use with the company's recently introduced aberration-free IsoPlane imaging spectrograph

NeoScope II

LOT-QuantumDesign has been appointed distributor of the JEOL NeoScope II benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM) throughout the UK and Eire


ZeeScope is a new generation of digital microscope providing full 2D and 3D imaging capabilities

Fluoview FV1000

Olympus has added laser sharing and dual port selected ion monitoring (SIM) scanning capabilities to two versions of its Fluoview FV1000 laser scanning microscope, the confocal and the MPE multiphoton

Elixir microscope

Elliot Scientific is distributing the Craic Elixir, a microscope that offers multiple analytical techniques in a single instrument for the forensic scientist

Yanus Multiport

Till Photonics has released the Yanus Multiport, an extension to the Yanus digital scan head, suitable for multiphoton and STED microscopy setups


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