Illumination solutions for microscopy

Photonic Instruments, a supplier of fluorescence excitation and laser ablation end user systems, has introduced OEM solutions based on its Mosaic Digital Illumination and MicroPoint Laser Illumination and Ablation product platforms


Olympus has introduced the LEXT OLS4000, the latest version of the the company's confocal laser scanning microscope metrology system, featuring near-vertical slope capabilities, larger optical zoom, and a navigation overview window

Laser TIRF 3 Imaging System

Carl Zeiss has released its Laser TIRF 3 microscope system, designed to enable visualisation of near-cell membrane dynamic processes while maintaining optimum specimen incubation conditions

Cell Observer SD

Carl Zeiss has released a spinning-disc microscope system, enabling confocal observation of fast processes in live cell imaging experiments, capable of capturing fast cellular processes without damaging cells under observation

LSM 7 MP laser scanning microscope

Carl Zeiss has released its LSM 7 MP, a laser scanning microscope designed for multiphoton microscopy. The system features two scanners, and can be used with two lasers simultaneously

Cell Observer SD

Carl Zeiss has released its Cell Observer SD, which has been installed by the Yokogawa Electric Corporation to image living cells.

MSX-500Di Digital Microscope

Moritex has released the MSX-500Di Digital Microscope, which incorporates a high quality CCD imaging system and adjustable high-intensity LED lighting enabling it to deliver sharp well-lit images from 1x to 500x magnification without changing lenses.

FN1 PhysioStation with OCT capability

Nikon Instruments and Thorlabs have collaborated to bring Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to Nikon’s FN1 PhysioStation upright focusing nosepiece microscope system for neurophysiology and in vivo, small-animal studies.


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