Cell Observer SD

Carl Zeiss has released its Cell Observer SD, which has been installed by the Yokogawa Electric Corporation to image living cells.

MSX-500Di Digital Microscope

Moritex has released the MSX-500Di Digital Microscope, which incorporates a high quality CCD imaging system and adjustable high-intensity LED lighting enabling it to deliver sharp well-lit images from 1x to 500x magnification without changing lenses.

FN1 PhysioStation with OCT capability

Nikon Instruments and Thorlabs have collaborated to bring Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to Nikon’s FN1 PhysioStation upright focusing nosepiece microscope system for neurophysiology and in vivo, small-animal studies.

Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P imaging systems

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems. Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P programmes build on the Cell^A and Cell^B entry-level packages, offering advanced life science imaging applications.

Definite Focus

Carl Zeiss has released Definite Focus, a system for the Axio Observer.Z1 that can be used for the research of cell cultures in many biomedical applications and much more

Version 2.6 of ProgRes CapturePro

Jenoptik has launched Version 2.6 of its CapturePro image acquisition software for ProgRes microscope cameras. Version 2.6 offers a series of functions and enhancements that make camera operation easier.

Cell^A and Cell^B

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems, providing a well-balanced system for documentation and archiving in basic cell microscopy.


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