Optical coatings

Envin Scientific Ltd

At Envin Scientific we design and manufacture High Performance Optical Thin Film Filters for UltraViolet, Visible and Infrared Applications.

The design, manufacture and validation is carried out on-site at our purpose-built premises near Chester (UK) by an expert team with years of experience.

Orion Photonics Ltd

Orion Photonics is an optical thin film company specializing in challenging requirements where optical thin films provide a solution. Now as part of Phoenix Optical Holdings Group, the company provides an innovative coating service from design, prototype manufacture and volume production. The high performance optical thin films are manufactured in large coating systems using plasma assisted deposition, producing coatings that are extremely durable and rugged, insensitive to temperature and humidity variations, exceeding all relevant military specifications.

Dark mirror coatings

The latest dark mirror coatings from Deposition Sciences improve signal-to-noise ratio and contrast in demanding optical systems, such as performance imaging, displays, and hyperspectral sensor

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