Positioning equipment

Motion control with Automation1from Aerotech


If you want to move something, you also have to be able to control the movement. Positioning movements in the nanometre range require high-precision control. Aerotech has specialised in motion control and positioning systems for over 50 years. The in-house software developers in Pittsburgh bring concentrated know-how in programming software solutions for motion control: The latest result is the Automation1 control platform, which comes with several new features in the current release 2.2. 

VarioScan II

The system design with new bearing technology now enables the compact z-axis to be integrated into a laser machine in any mounting orientation

V-308 nanopositioning slide

PI extends its large offering of nanometre precise, fast focusing stages with the addition of its new V-308 nanopositioning slide for vertical applications

HEX150 hexapod

Aerotech has introduced a new hexapod for quality assurance applications


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