Positioning equipment


Newport has introduced the latest instalment of its high accuracy FMS stages for higher-end metrology applications


Newport has introduced its universal motion controller/driver, the XPS-Qx

FMSxxHA stages

Newport has introduced its range of FMSxxHA stages for higher-end metrology applications, available in 100, 200 and 300mm models. The HA versions feature smooth motion, low noise, high straightness and flatness

A-LST-E series

The Laser 2000 A-LST-E series is the advanced T-LST series and it has the new advantage of an integrated rotation encoder

HXP50 hexapod

Newport has introduced its HXP50 hexapod, a parallel kinematic motion device that provides 6-axis axis of motion: X, Y, Z, pitch, roll and yaw


French company Symetrie has launched Joran, a positioning hexapod with high stability, designed for demanding optical applications

High-precision adjustment screws

Newport has introduced high-precision adjustment screws with a 170-thread-per-inch (TPI) thread pitch, providing a 43 per cent improvement in sensitivity over standard 100-TPI adjustment screws


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