Positioning equipment


Aerotech's new MPS75SL series miniature linear positioning stages are now available in four travel ranges from 25mm to 100mm

APR mechanical bearing series

Aerotech has launched its direct-drive rotary stage APR mechanical bearing series, which offers positional accuracy to 1.5 arc-sec and axial load capacity up to 450kg

FMS precision linear stages

Newport Corporation has introduced a new series of FMS precision linear stages. The motion control stages are designed for use in surface profiling, tribology, and contact (stylus) and non-contact metrology

PInano microscope stages

PI (Physik Instrumente) has added two higher-performance models to its successful PInano super resolution (SR) microscope stage series

Bora miniature hexapod

Symetrie has introduced its Bora miniature hexapod precision positioning system. The Bora hexapod is 157mm tall, and can position a 10kg payload with a 0.1µm resolution

Conex-AG-M100D mirror mount

Newport Corporation has introduced the Conex-AG-M100D, a remote-controllable, piezo-motor-driven mirror mount with an integrated two-axis absolute position sensor

Nano-F3D lens nanopositioning system

Mad City Labs has introduced its new Nano-F3D lens nanopositioning system, designed to position an objective lens in three dimensions with sub-nanometre accuracy and repeatability


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