Positioning equipment

Dual-Speed-Mode linear stage

By combining a high speed DC-motor with a piezo-driven rotary motor on a backlash-free ball screw, Feinmess Dresden has developed a linear stage with a wide speed range, positional accuracy and low settling time.

MM-1M-F Miniature Linear Stage

Laser Support Services has released its MM-1M-F Miniature Linear Stage (2 x 0.5 x 0.5-in), which delivers high-torque, 0.099µ resolution, 5mm travel, and precision positioning.

PILine M-674 RodDrive

The PILine M-674 RodDrive features a patented, ceramic, ultrasonic drive and can easily be used to replace classical drive elements like motor/leadscrew assemblies or magnetic linear drives.

Z-Axis Auto Focus Stage

With high speed performance for both long travel and nanometre to micron range incremental moves, Nanomotion's motorised Z-Axis Auto Focus Stage provides a vertical positioning and focusing solution for automated microscope and imaging applications.


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