Positioning equipment


The M-122 from Physik Instrumente palm-top-sized precision translation stage combines small dimensions, high speeds and high accuracy at a competitive price.


The PISeca from Lambda Photometrics is a single-electrode position sensor that can determine distance, position and length values with sub-nanometer resolution.

Tech Spec mechanics

Edmund Optics has introduced a new family of Tech Spec mechanics. The kinematic series of optical mounts and mounting table platforms offer precision adjustment and relibaility.

Motorised translation stages

A range of motorised translation stages from Physik Instrumente (PI) is now available through Lambda Photometrics. The stages can be produced with different combinations of base profiles, motors and spindles.


Lambda Photometric is now distributing the E-761, a PCI-Bus nanopositioning controller, from Physik Instrumente (PI), suitable for high-tech applications in imaging, metrology, scanning microscopy and surface analysis.


Building on its years of experience in designing linear XYZ flexure stages, Elliot Scientific has introduced the BTA050 three-axis flexure rotation unit.

P-611 series

Lambda Photometrics has introduced a range of piezo-driven translation stages from Physik Instrumente (PI). The new P-611 series offers five models of horizontal and vertical stages with one to three axes.


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