Positioning equipment

DALi 3

Elliot Scientific has introduced the latest generation of DALi for automated photonic device alignment

Z-Deck range

Prior Scientific's Z-Deck range is a high quality, height adjustable platform designed specifically for upright microscopes widely used in electrophysiology and neuroscience

Single-mode fiber couplers

A new opto-mechanical tool for coupling light into single-mode fiber optics from Siskiyou Corporation offers a unique combination of high precision adjustment in a very compact package


A new manual actuator available from Siskiyou Corporation utilises the finest pitch #4 screw currently available, enabling OEMs to construct smaller, higher precision optical mounts and positioners

VT 30

Owis has introduced its VT 30 translation stages, which are suitable for simple but precise tasks such as the exact adjustment and positioning of small parts and samples


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