Positioning equipment

PIglide HS

Nanopositioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) has introduced the new PIglide HS planar XY air bearing stage

Optics clip

A new optics clip from Siskyou secures high flatness (e.g., optics with a flatness of lambda/10 or better) components in optical mounts without significantly degrading their wavefront performance

FAPO 40, FAPO 50 and FAPO 65

The new Owis fibre positioners allow sensitive adjustment in the nanometre range. They are the perfect choice for a reliable light or fibre alignment, for example, in microscopy and fibre optics. The FAPO's are available in three sizes from June 2015

QNP-Z series

The Aerotech QNP-Z series of piezo nanopositioning stages provides the resolution, linearity, repeatability, and high dynamics required for demanding applications from microscopy to optics alignment

Zaber rotation stages

Zaber's range of rotation stages deliver full 360 degree rotation with up to 10 N-m torque, 1800 deg/s speed, 50 kg load capacity, and 2-inch apertures

V-273 automation actuator

Precision motion control systems leader PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. recently released a new series of actuators based on PIMag non-contacting voice-coil linear motor technology to ensure greater dynamics and positioning accuracy

Actuating mechanism

Siskiyou Corporation has been awarded a US Patent (Patent No. 8,925,409) for a novel actuating mechanism that significantly improves the performance of top adjusted optical mounts and linear translation stages.

H-860KMAG 6-axis hexapod

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, a leading manufacturer of precision motion control and nanopositioning equipment, has recently released the new H-860KMAG 6-axis hexapod for high dynamics motion and vibration simulations

IXF2.0t series

A new series of optical mounts from Siskiyou Corporation enables high resolution (4.5 arcsec) adjustment in two rotational axes with excellent long term stability, in a format that is ideal for space constrained applications where mount accessibility is l


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