P5P10 window

Laservision has introduced a new blue polycarbonate laser safety window, the P5P10, provides improved visibility, higher protection and better impact resistance over conventional green laser safety windows

Protective eyewear

Laser Components can now provide protective laser eyewear to ensure the protection of customers, staff, or your eyesight

Blackcat Laser Safety Curtains

Lasermet's new range of Blackcat Laser Safety Curtains are manufactured from a specially developed laser-blocking material and can be supplied ready-made as ceiling or wall-mounted curtains

VG20 glass filter

Schott has launched the filter glass VG20, which protects against dangerous infrared radiation. It protects against red and near infrared (NIR) radiation at wavelengths above 650nm


Laser Components is now offering a range of laser light conversion screens, covering power levels from the UV to NIR


Laser Components is offering a large range of safety goggles that focus on protection, comfort and style for alignment application users, using lasers from HeNe to diode and excimer

HSP Laser-Gard Barrier System

Honeywell Safety Products, formerly Sperian Protection, has announced its HSP Laser-Gard Barrier System for enclosing user's laser set-up on an optical table, significantly reducing the laser hazard


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