Laser Components is now offering its Rio laser safety eyewear that is available EN 207:2009 certified for use with ps and fs Nd:YAG and Ti:Sapphire lasers up to 1.5 J/cm² (M LB 8)

Honeywell Rio

Honeywell Safety Products has introduced the Honeywell Rio laser safety eyewear, which combines safety with comfort, and is able to fit over prescription glasses or used standalone


Laservision's new eye protection caps called Cap2protect use a self-adhesive instead of the typical head strap

NoIR Lasershield eyewear

Photonic Solutions now distributes a recently extended range of LaserShield laser protective eyewear manufactured by NoIR, including the new FG1 glass filter for the 850nm to 10.6µm range

Polymer lenses for laser safety

Laser Components has introduced a new generation of polymer filters for laser safety eyewear offering protection levels of L6 for CW and L8 for pulsed lasers at 1,064 and 532nm


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