The Evaluator

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) has introduced a web-based laser safety application known as The Evaluator, capable of calculating MPE, OD, NOHD, NHZ, and laser hazard classification

XC frame safety glasses

Laser Components has introduced its XC frame for laser safety glasses, which meet Vo ballistic tests for impact, and are therefore suitable for military use

SF4B-series of light curtains

Panasonic Electric Works UK has launched the Sunx SF4B series of safety light curtains. The SF4B-series (version 2) offers improved environmental resistance


The LICS06 Laser Interlock Control System, from Photonic Solutions, is a flexible, failsafe method of controlling access to areas where a laser hazard may exist

Ultra Range large area LED-powered signs

Lasermet has launched its Ultra Range of large area LED-powered signs, which offer extremely high clarity at all ambient light levels, alongside flexibility in the legends and colours that can be used

Laser safety interlock shutter

EOPC has introduced its new low cost, long life laser safety interlock shutter. The shutter consists of a blade mounted on a rotary solenoid with a limited rotation angle


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