Kentek Table Guard Barrier System

Laser Physics, a UK distributor for laboratory laser safety solutions, has begun distributing the Kentek Table Guard Barrier System, a new optical bench laser safety system, to customers in Europe

Sperian Milan laser safety eyewear

Sperian Protection has introduced its new Sperian Milan laser safety eyewear, which addresses the complicated factors of laser protection without compromising contemporary stying, fashion or adaptability

Laser safety eyewear

Univet Opical Technologies has released laser safety eyewear providing DL8 protection level - the highest level available on market - designed to defend eyes from high power laser sources

Sperian Milan

Sperian Eye & Face Protection has introduced its Sperian Milan laser safety eyewear, featuring high-transmission polymer filters for improved visibility

Laser safety windows and sheets

Laservision has released laser viewing sheets and windows, ideal for laser enclosures and rooms. They provide safe viewing of lasers from outside the nominal hazard zone

Sperian Alignment filters

Sperian Protection has released a line of filters designed to meet the protective requirements of those who need to align laser beams in the course of their work.


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