Intelligent Interlock Systems

Laser Optical Engineering has released its iNTELLILOCK system, which is tamperproof, low voltage, versatile and suitable for both laser and machine applications.

Head Support System

Laservision has released its Head Support System (HSS), which is a new support system for laser goggles. The HSS is suitable for heavy laser goggles.

Comet 1K laser power meter

The Comet 1K laser power meter from Rofin makes it possible for all laser users to accurately check the power output from their system in a safe and simple manner.


Laservision has released the latest version of its bilingual Limits software for laser safety education. It is suitable for use on training courses and for self-study.

Blocking screens

Lasermet has released new blocking screens to protect against accidental exposure or to provide long-term blocking of laser radiation at lower power densities.


Laser Support Services is distributing Glendale's lightweight, stylish and practical protective eyewear. The latest products include high transmission filters for YAG and diode lasers.


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