Blocking screens

Lasermet has released new blocking screens to protect against accidental exposure or to provide long-term blocking of laser radiation at lower power densities.


Laser Support Services is distributing Glendale's lightweight, stylish and practical protective eyewear. The latest products include high transmission filters for YAG and diode lasers.


The new P1008 filter from Laservision provides effective protection against all wavelengths produced by Nd:YAG; Nd:glass, Nd:YLF and Nd:VO4 systems, including 1064nm, 532nm, 366nm and 266nm.

All Star

Laservision has introduced its latest laser safety eyewear frame, All Star, with a high-performance laser safety filter T08 for high-power CO2 lasers.

All Star

The brand new All Star laser safety goggles from Laservision are versatile and provide high laser protection. They feature a highly efficient outside reinforcement, providing protection against scratches.

Protective window

In addition to the certified plastic window P2008 for CO2 lasers Laservision has developed a second plastic window P2009 certified with L protection levels according to EN 207 for Nd:YAG laser applications.

Goggles and laser windows

Laservision has released a number of new photonics safety products, including two new safety goggles for laser and LED use, and a new range of safety windows.

Safety goggles

Laservision has introduced laser safety goggles with small head straps and malleable temples, allowing the user to adjust the inclination of the frame, for extra comfort

EN207-compliant safety spectacles

Laservision is one of the first manufacturers of safety spectacles worldwide to demonstrate that its eyewear meets the mode-locked specification of European laser eyewear standard EN 207.

P1205 pink filter

Laservision has introduced its new polycarbonate pink filter P1205 which provides excellent colour recognition, especially in the red, which is especially useful in medical treatments.


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