Sensors and detectors

DSP 200

Instrument Systems has introduced a new, versatile photometer, the DSP 200, which has an extremely broad measuring range from 0.1mlx to 200klx


Emberion designs and produces high-performance optoelectronic devices based on graphene, other nanomaterials and in-house designed CMOS integrated circuits. Our primary products are infrared detectors for VIS-SWIR (400 - 1800 nm) and thermal imaging (3 - 5 um & 7 - 14 um). Emberion's products combine high performance with a competitive cost level thus enabling new applications of infrared imaging and in-field spectroscopy.


Alphasense has launched a new version of its optical particle counter

AQ2200-232 sensor head

The AQ2200-232 is a new high-performance optical sensor head that joins Yokogawa’s existing family of optical power meters modules (AQ2200-215 and AQ2200-221) in the company’s modular optical test platform

WeCat3D Profile Sensor MLSL2

The new performance class for Wenglor’s weCat3D profile sensors MLSL2 includes a total of ten innovative models, each providing more options for 3D object measurement


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