Sensors and detectors

Polymer optical fibre

AMS Technologies has introduced a polymer optical fibre (POF)-based strain sensor solution for industrial applications, for use as a high-precision strain sensor on par with current fibre Bragg grating-based strain sensors

LynXea photon counting module

Aurea Technology, manufacturer of optical instruments, has added the visible (400 to 1,060nm) wavelength range to its near infrared (900 to 1,700nm) high-performance photon counting products line

PixelSensor developer board

Pixelteq has introduced a multispectral sensor developer board that helps OEMs design and prototype optical sensors based on its PixelSensor wavelength-selective photodiode arrays

VisiPro DO Ex

Hamilton has developed the VisiPro DO Ex, which is approved for measuring dissolved oxygen in an explosive environment

PE9-ES-C pyroelectric sensor

Ophir Photonics has launched the PE9-ES-C high sensitivity pyroelectric laser energy sensor, which measures laser energies as low as 50nJ and at high repetition rates up to 10kHz

The Major series

Laser Components has extended InGaAs photodiode technology with the purely digital sensor known as the Major. It serves as the building blocks of intelligent networks on the path industry 4.0

RFID LensLine

Trumpf has released its latest generation Trumpf LensLine sensor system containing an RFID lens. The LensLine is a standard feature on all TruLaser Series 3000 machines with CO2 laser

gSKIN radiation sensor

GreenTEG has launched the gSKIN radiation sensor portfolio. The thermal sensors measure the average power of lasers up to 50W in the spectral range of 190nm to 15μm


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