Sensors and detectors

id120 single-photon detector

The id120 series consists of compact and affordable single-photon detector modules based on a reliable silicon avalanche photodiode, sensitive in the visible spectral range

OE-200 series

The OE-200 series of variable gain photoreceivers is designed for a variety of applications requiring fast and precise measurement of small optical signals

PowerMax USB Wand

A new'meterless laser power sensor from Coherent is configured to enable measurements at points deep within instruments and between closely spaced components


Senso Optics has launched a miniature thermal sensor, the X-Lite – a compact and lightweight thermal imaging camera core for night vision


The ITW Photonics Group has introduced a 16-element photodiode that is for UV/EUV or electron detection


WITec has launched its StrobeLock, a time-correlated single photon counting measurement option


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