Sensors and detectors

3A-P-FS power/energy sensor

Ophir-Spiricon, a developer of precision laser measurement equipment, has introduced the 3A-P-FS sensor, designed to measure very low power and energy light sources and divergent beams


sensL has released what it claims is the industry's first four-sided, scalable, low-light detecting silicon photomultiplier (SPM) array for medical imaging, radiation detection, analytical instruments and high energy physics

J-50MB-IR EnergyMax Sensor

Coherent has introduced a laser pulse energy sensor specifically optimised for use with medical lasers that combines high accuracy, high damage threshold, and a large active area


Cal Sensors has released the MIRA4 mid-infrared array in a quadrant format that includes four 1mm square PbSe detectors mounted in a single substrate. The detectors are available from Laser Components.


Opto Diode, a global supplier of advanced performance photodiodes and visible and infrared LEDs, has introduced the third in the series of selective wavelength photodiodes, the ODD-660W.

T.rad 1000D

Spectrum Detector, a manufacturer of THz sensors and diagnostic instruments, has introduced the T.rad 1000D, a broadband pyroelectric radiometer for intensity measurements covering the entire THz spectrum (0.1-30THz).

ODD-470W photodiode

Opto Diode has introduced the first in a series of three new selective wavelength photodiodes. The ODD-470W features a spectral bandwidth of 100nm, operating between 380nm and 540nm

30 micron pitch APD IR detector

Sofradir has released its new avalanche photodiode mid-TV format IR detector, for amplifying low input signals in military applications, active imagery, spectrometry, gas detection and a range of scientific applications


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