Sensors and detectors

id201 photon counter

id Quantique has released a new firmware version v4.0 for the id201, offering new functionalities such as adjustable detection probability, adjustable dead time, and user-defined gate width

id Quantique APDs

Photonic Solutions is distributing the full range of id Quantique's high precision photon counting avalanche photodiodes (APDs), together with its id300 short-pulse laser source

Improvements to CCS Prima sensor

Stil, inventor and manufacturer of the chromatic confocal distance sensor (CCS), has added a 'double frequency' function to the CCS Prima range of point sensors

OT-2 Optical Trigger

Specialised Imaging has introduced the OT-2 Optical Trigger, which can be used as a general purpose optical detector that detects either a very bright flash of light or an object moving across its field of view


Michelson Diagnostics has released a preliminary specification for its clinical Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) probe and processing system, which the company says is planned for launch in late spring 2009.

Third generation BasiK Module

Koheras has released the third generation BasiK Module featuring improved vibration sensitivity, all digital control, selective current/power operation mode, increased output power, reduced size, weight and power consumption

KS30 contrast sensor

Eltrotec has released the KS30 contrast sensor, which combines small 3mm spot size and 40kHz fast response to achieve high-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and colour targets.

PE50-DIF Pyroelectric Detector

Ophir-Spiricon has launched the PE50-DIF Pyroelectric Detector, which is a laser power/energy detector combining high damage threshold and high repetition rates with a wide range of wavelengths, from UV to near IR.


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