Sensors and detectors

FluoTemp-HT series

Photon Control has released its FluoTemp-HT (High Temperature) series of fibre optic temperature sensors capable of accurate temperature measurement up to 450°C.


Opto Diode Corporation has released the ODA-5W-100k, which combines a high responsivity 5mm² active area silicon photodiode with a low noise preamplifier with 100kOhm transimpedance gain. The instrument will be distributed by AP Technologies.

SPMPlus detector

The SPMPlus is a large area version of SensL's SPM detectors incorporating an array of individual Silicon Photomultipliers (SPM) pixels tiled together using a novel packaging concept.

D6F MEMS mass flow sensors

Omron Components Business Europe (OCB-EU) has launched a MEMS flow sensor, which is can customise to individual customer requirements in terms of flow rate and non-corrosive gas type.

LC Series Linear Photodiode Arrays

Sensors Unlimited has released its LC Series Linear Photodiode Arrays. The SU256LCS-2.6T2 detector array is available with 256 elements of extended response InGaAs material.

MPLS180 sensor

The MPLS180 sensor, available from Armstrong Optical, allows fast, high-resolution 3D scanning of surfaces for all types of applications - ranging from wrinkles on skin to complete, populated, printed circuit boards.

TPS23B thermopile

A new 1x1mm silicon based chip and large radiation sensitive area of 0.5mm diameter has been launched via Pacer, which enables PerkinElmer’s TPS-23x miniature thermopile family to offer improved performance at low cost.

IR-BLOC ambient light sensors

IR-BLOC ambient light sensors from PerkinElmer, available through Pacer, offer the IR blocking feature fully incorporated in a low cost plastic epoxy package.


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