Sensors and detectors

RedEye Oxygen Patch

To measure oxygen in packaging and other enclosed containers, Ocean Optics has launched the RedEye Oxygen Patch.

Admesy Brontes Colorimeter

Admesy has released its Brontes high speed, high precision colorimeter, which has been especially made for measuring colours and luminance in a production environment.


The E910.84 from Elmos is a PIR (passive infrared) light controller for comfort light applications. The IC is a fully integrated motion detector for PIR sensors, which also allows a manual brightness control.

SXUV 100

International Radiation Detectors has released the SXUV 100 Ultraviolet/Extreme Ultraviolet (UV/EUV) Photodiode. The photon detector possesses very high radiation hardness and is designed for long-lifetime operation.


Optek Technology has developed a cost-effective reflective object sensor with three different lead options. The OPB609 consists of an infrared LED and NPN silicon phototransistor mounted side-by-side on parallel axes.


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