Sensors and detectors

PE9-F Pyroelectric Detector

Ophir Optronics has introduced the new PE9-F Pyroelectric Detector. It has a maximum pulse width of 0.5µs and measures a maximum pulse rate up to 20kHz.

Low-noise single photon counting modules

id Quantique has announced the release of ultra-low noise single photon counting modules for the visible spectral range. A dark count rate of less than 1Hz or 20Hz is offered for 20μm or 50μm diameter devices.

Altair Li system

Cedip Infrared Systems has launched the Altair Li system, which employs a high-performance infrared focal plane array camera to provide high-quality thermal images of stress in materials and structures.


Cedip Infrared Systems, in conjunction with its subsidiary Polytech AB, has launched the new Flytherm Airborne Target Signature Analysis system, suitable for warfare and security applications.


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