Sensors and detectors

Count Blue

Offering a combination of high quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and ease of use for photon counting applications, the COUNT BLUE from Laser Components provides everything needed for photon detection towards the blue end of the spectrum

Silver AFM-TERS probes

Horiba Scientific, a specialist in Raman Spectroscopy, introduced its new Silver AFM-TERS probes to provide the highest resolution for NanoRaman Systems

Integra Detector Series

Gentec Electro-Optics has unveiled its new generation of Integra Detectors. The series of detectors with integrated monitors now features more connector options and a completely redesigned format

APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8

Everlight Electronics has introduced two three-in-one sensor modules, APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8 for use in environment brightness detection and smart switching in high end and standard smart phones and tablets

IR-ISE photoconductive infrared sensor

Grauling Research, a North American research company and supplier of coating materials, has introduced the IR-ISE (Infrared - Improved Sensor Efficiency), an improved photoconductive infrared sensor


MAZeT, the development and manufacturing services provider for embedded systems and optoelectronics, has introduced the MTCS-INT-AB5 sensor board for the fully integrated MTCS-CDCAF sensor chip from the Jencolor product line

DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series

Excelitas has introduced digital pyrodetection technology in its new, low-power DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series for battery-operated motion detection.


Mazet has introduced the new MTCS-CDCAF colour sensor, the first fully integrated sensor chip solution in the Jencolor product line.


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