Sensors and detectors

Silver AFM-TERS probes

Horiba Scientific, a specialist in Raman Spectroscopy, introduced its new Silver AFM-TERS probes to provide the highest resolution for NanoRaman Systems

Integra Detector Series

Gentec Electro-Optics has unveiled its new generation of Integra Detectors. The series of detectors with integrated monitors now features more connector options and a completely redesigned format

APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8

Everlight Electronics has introduced two three-in-one sensor modules, APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8 for use in environment brightness detection and smart switching in high end and standard smart phones and tablets

IR-ISE photoconductive infrared sensor

Grauling Research, a North American research company and supplier of coating materials, has introduced the IR-ISE (Infrared - Improved Sensor Efficiency), an improved photoconductive infrared sensor


MAZeT, the development and manufacturing services provider for embedded systems and optoelectronics, has introduced the MTCS-INT-AB5 sensor board for the fully integrated MTCS-CDCAF sensor chip from the Jencolor product line

DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series

Excelitas has introduced digital pyrodetection technology in its new, low-power DigiPyro PYD 1500 Series for battery-operated motion detection.


Mazet has introduced the new MTCS-CDCAF colour sensor, the first fully integrated sensor chip solution in the Jencolor product line.

PowerMax-Pro HP

Coherent has extended its unique series of large area, high speed, PowerMax-Pro laser detectors to enable power measurement of laser beams of up to 375W continuously


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