TracePro 7.0

Lambda Research has released TracePro 7.0, the latest version of its optomechanical design software, which makes use of multi-threaded algorithms to accelerate raytracing on multi-core CPUs

Sensor Finder

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced an offline version of Sensor Finder, a software application that helps users find the best power/energy sensor for their laser

LucidShape 1.9

Beacon Concepts and Brandenburg have announced release 1.9 of their LucidShape software with LucidFunGeo for lighting design and analysis

StarLab 2.01 laser measurement software

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced its StarLab 2.01 laser measurement software, which converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station to measure, analyse, and record laser power and energy parameters


Breault Research Organization (BRO) has released Apex optical engineering software, the first part of a multi-phase, multi-year plan to create a concurrent engineering software environment

BeamGage analysis software

Ophir-Spiricon has announced that its BeamGage next generation laser beam analysis software is the first single system to support the combination of laser beam profiling with power meter measurements

TracePro 6.0

Lambda Research has released version 6.0 of its TracePro software for modelling, developing and analysing optical systems.

StarLab 2.00

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced StarLab 2.00, the latest version of its laser measurement software that converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station


Princeton Instruments has introduced its LightField 64-bit data acquisition software platform for spectroscopy and imaging applications, combining control over cameras and spectrometers with experimental set-up, data acquisition and post-processing

LightTools 7.0

Optical Research Associates has introduced its LightTools 7.0 software, the latest release of its illumination design and analysis software, delivering expanded capabilities for both model construction and system analysis


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