HydraHarp 400

PicoQuant has released the HydraHarp 400 Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting system under the GNU Linux operating system.


IB/E and Lambda Research have released IB/E's optimisation module for TracePro, called OptiBelPro, which makes the optimisation of illumination systems possible with TracePro.

ThinFilmCompanion software

StellarNet has released its ThinFilmCompanion software, which is a Thin Film System for in-situ and in-line measurements of film structures, including single and multilayer, freestanding, rough, and both thick and thin layer structures.

TrueMura software module

Pro-Lite Technology has released the TrueMura software module for users of its ProMetric CCD imaging photometers from Radiant Imaging.

Liekki Application Designer v4.0

nLight has released version 4.0 of the Liekki Application Designer (LAD). LAD is a design tool for high-power applications providing a platform for simulating and optimising fibre amplifiers and fibre laser systems.

ASAP 2008 V2R1

Breault Research Organisation (BRO) has released an enhanced version of the company's Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP).

LBA Software

Ophir-Spiricon has launched the latest version of LBA, the company's high accuracy laser beam analysis software.


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