ProSource 8.0

Radiant Imaging, a provider of imaging systems for colour and light measurement, has released ProSource 8.0 for light source near-field data analysis and ray generation.

Speos software

Optis, a provider of physics-based light simulation software, has revised its Speos software to ensure that users of its light and optical simulation solutions view colours correctly and identically.

Code V 9.82

The latest version of Code V, the optical design software from Optical Research Associates (ORA), delivers enhancements to the Geometric Spot Diagram feature, which offer designers greater ease of use and efficiency.


Labsphere has released its MtrX-SPEC light metrology software module, which delivers user friendly spectrometer calibration and control for spectral characterisation (flux, colour, intensity and irradiance).

TracePro 5.0

Lambda Research Corporation has launched TracePro 5.0, the latest release of its software for optical modelling, design and analysis.

LightTools 6.1

Optical Research Associates (ORA), the Californian-based optics company, has released LightTools 6.1, an illumination design and analysis software. The software includes advanced modelling and analysis features.


Photon has launched a Windows Vista-compatible version of its USBeamPro laser beam profiling software.

OptSim 5.0

RSoft Design Group has released OptSim 5.0, which is the latest version of its optical communication system design tool.


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