LightTools 6.1

Optical Research Associates (ORA), the Californian-based optics company, has released LightTools 6.1, an illumination design and analysis software. The software includes advanced modelling and analysis features.


Photon has launched a Windows Vista-compatible version of its USBeamPro laser beam profiling software.

OptSim 5.0

RSoft Design Group has released OptSim 5.0, which is the latest version of its optical communication system design tool.

Code V 9.81

Optical Research Associates (ORA) has released Code V 9.81, which is the latest version of its optical design software.

Code V 9.8

The newest release of CODE V optical design software from Optical Research Associates (ORA) delivers features to improve both the modelling and optimisation of optical systems.

ModePROP 1.0

RSoft Design Group has released ModePROP 1.0, a new eigenmode expansion propagation package that accounts for both forward and backward propagation and radiation modes.

Moritex software for Triplesense

Moritex has released new software for its Triplesense skin counselling monitor to assist cosmeticians maximise the effectiveness of their advanced skin counselling sessions

PicoHarp 300

New data acquisition software is now available for the PicoHarp 300 time-correlated single photon counting system from PicoQuant. The new version 2.2 provides driver support for the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.


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