Zemax 13 Release two

Radiant Zemax has released Zemax 13 Release two, continuing the development of its industry standard software for optical and illumination design

Weldmark 3.0

Raylase has unveiled the new version of its flexible and sophisticated laser marking and material processing software, Weldmark 3.0, and has set what it claims is a new benchmark in laser-based 3D processing

SDLA Visualizer

Oscilloscope manufacturer Tektronix has announced a new Serial Data Link Analysis Visualizer software package (SDLA Visualizer) for Tektronix performance oscilloscopes


Hypertherm, a manufacturer of advanced cutting systems, has announced a number of feature enhancements to its ProNest nesting software

FRED 11.90

Photon Engineering has announced the release of FRED 11.90, a new version of the software with features designed to make optical system engineering more efficient


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