Code V 10.4

Optical Research Associates' Code V optical design and analysis software version 10.4 is now available following ORA's takeover by Synopsys, an electronic systems design and verification software company

TracePro 7.1

Lambda Research has released TracePro 7.1, the latest version of its illumination and optical analysis software, featuring new visualisation capabilities, new path-sorting, enhanced ray sorting and a new multicore thread setting

LightField 4.0

Princeton Instruments has introduced LightField 4.0, a 64-bit image and spectral acquisition software package that provides a cutting-edge user interface and the powerful functionality needed to set up and perform complex optical diagnostic experiments

LightTools 7.2

Synopsys has launched the latest version of its illumination design and analysis software package, LightTools 7.2


LightTools, available from Synopsys, is a 3D optical engineering and design software product that supports virtual prototyping, simulation, optimisation, and photorealistic renderings of illumination applications

VirtualLab 5

LightTrans recently introduced its VirtualLab 5 software for field tracing during the design of optical systems, a technique that provides more information than ray tracing about the light in optical simulations


Optima Research has introduced its Zemax software, an affordable, state-of-the-art product for the design and optimisation of complex optical systems


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