Peak platform

Ibsen Photonics has launched the Peak platform for programmable spectroscopy, which utilises Ibsen's fused silica transmission gratings together with Texas Instruments' DLP technology

Beam splitter

Avantes has released a beam splitter, which gives the possibility of combining two light signals into one spectrometer, or to split a light signal into two spectrometers

IsoPlane 160

Princeton Instruments has launched the IsoPlane 160 imaging spectrograph, which brings the company's IsoPlane SCT 320 to a smaller-footprint instrument


The ILT950 spectroradiometer from LOT Quantum Design has had a machined optical bench added for reduced stray light and improved thermal stability. Also a new CCD array results in more sensitivity over the entire spectral region

Spectis 5.0 Touch

GL Optic, a manufacturer of spectrometers and light-measurement instruments, has launched the GL Spectis 5.0 Touch, a compact spectrometer that can take laboratory-grade measurements of the intensity and colour of light


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