SeaWave IR spectrometer

Barcelona-based Radiantis, a specialist manufacturer of advanced frequency conversion systems for laser tuning and laser diagnosis instrumentation, recently launched the SeaWave, an impressively compact and rugged IR spectrometer

Freedom VIS-NIR spectrometer

The new Freedom VIS-NIR spectrometer from Ibsen Photonics supplements the UV, VIS and UV-NIR spectrometers in the Freedom series, which combine compact size, cost efficiency, and high performance with flexibility in the choice of detector system

STS Developers Kit

Ocean Optics has introduced a set of spectral sensing tools for developers who want to deploy spectroscopy in new applications


Sphere Optics is now supplying the QE-2000 by Photal Otsuka Electronics. It is the latest generation of quantum efficiency (yield) measurement tools

MicroTime 200 upgrade

PicoQuant will release a super-resolution upgrade to its confocal microscopy system MicroTime 200. The STED (stimulated emission depletion) upgrade will be presented during PicoQuant's 20th International Workshop on 2-5 September 2014 in Berlin


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