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Laser 2000 has introducedMoku:Lab, an all-in-one test and measurement device created by Liquid Instruments.

The Moku:Lab offers a portfolio to 10 professional-grade instruments, including an arbitrary waveform generator, a digital filter box, an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, phasemeter, data logger, lock-in amplifier, PID controller, bode analyser and a waveform generator.

The arbitrary waveform generator produces custom waveforms that can be loaded from a file or input as a mathematical function, enabling high waveform complexity with 32 adjustable segments and up to 65,000 sample points.

The digital filter box creates up to eighth-order lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filters with adjustable parameters. For example, a bandstop (notch) filter may be applied to dampen a troublesome resonance in a piezoelectric application.

Bandwidth is unlikely to be an issue due to the Moku:Lab’s update rates of up to one billion samples per second. In pulsed mode, waveforms can be output with more than 250,000 cycles of dead time between pulses, allowing complex waveforms to be held and switched off with high specificity.