Nano box USB

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With the nano box USB, piezosystem jena provides a digital piezo amplifier with an USB 2.0 interface. The nano box USB is designed to operate all piezo actuators, which have the suffix D in their part number. The integrated sensor controller allows reading out the positioning information to compensate drift behaviour.

The nano box USB is being operated via USB interface. This interface will be provided by the PC as a virtual COM-port. A terminal program that comes with your PC operating system or that can be downloaded for free, can be used for operation. Special programmes for the nano box USB and virtual instruments for LabVIEW can be downloaded from the company’s website.

Characteristics include a resolution of 16 bit, and output voltage of 0 to 130V, and output current of 10 mA, an output power of 1.5W and a single channel.