s-pulse HP

Amplitude Systèmes has extended its range of diode-pumped ultrafast lasers. The laser s-Pulse HP offers unique characteristics, which were before only accessible by combining very different lasers. These characteristics include: high energy, up to 1 mJ; variable repetition rate, from 1kHz to more than 100kHz, without any internal laser adjustment; and ease of use, low consumption, and small footprint (75 x 50cm).

The s-Pulse HP is a compact and reliable Ytterbium diode-pumped ultrafast amplified laser. Among the key features of the system are the rugged, high stability mechanical housing, the flexibility of the control electronics, as well as the reliability and lifetime of pump diodes.

The versatility of the s-Pulse HP makes the laser an excellent choice for femtosecond micromachining applications. The pulse duration is short enough to guarantee high-quality machining of virtually any material, including transparent materials. The high energy per pulse, as well as the high repetition rate, ensure a high-process productivity.