Press Releases

B&M is now offering customers sample cases of optical lenses. Three different types are available, including ground and polished optics and moulded lenses of various shapes.

Aspheric lenses offer optical designers control of light-ray refraction over the whole lens surface, making it possible to produce optical systems with higher performance in compact packages.

Edmund Optics has introduced a precision-grade cube beamsplitter for high-power Nd:YAG Lasers. Tech Spec High-Energy Polarising Cube Beamsplitters use multilayer dielectric film technology to minimise reflection and absorption losses.

Laservision has introduced two new eye protection filters, for users working on active optical fibre equipment or associated cables that generate laser or LED signals.

Building on its years of experience in designing linear XYZ flexure stages, Elliot Scientific has introduced the BTA050 three-axis flexure rotation unit.

Sill Optics has introduced a variable LED dimmer for use with condensors, lenses with coaxial surface illumination and other LEDs with current limiting and current consumption between 50mA and 450mA.

Cedip Infrared Systems has announced the Silver 480M – an IR cooled camera that provides a complete acquisition and processing system for highly dynamic phenomena and high frequency periodic excitation.

The new Silver 660M from Cedip Infrared Systems has been designed for the most demanding users of IR technology who need to perform thermal imaging at high spatial resolution..

HGH has developed a new panoramic infrared vision system, VIGISCAN11. It has been designed for the surveillance of security perimeters, such as refineries, power plants, airports, and military bases.

Schleifring has developed a range of slip rings for use in computed tomography systems. The development of this optical slip ring enables the transmission range to be extended as far as 10GBit/s and upwards.

All types of ProgRes microscope cameras from Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme can now be controlled by the Apple Macintosh operating system using the new ProgRes Mac Capture Pro Software.

Jenoptik Laserdiode has launched a new passively-cooled, fibre-coupled diode laser with a significantly higher brightness and a substantially reduced volume than the preview fibre-coupled diode lasers.