Press Releases

The new Silver 660M from Cedip Infrared Systems has been designed for the most demanding users of IR technology who need to perform thermal imaging at high spatial resolution..

HGH has developed a new panoramic infrared vision system, VIGISCAN11. It has been designed for the surveillance of security perimeters, such as refineries, power plants, airports, and military bases.

Schleifring has developed a range of slip rings for use in computed tomography systems. The development of this optical slip ring enables the transmission range to be extended as far as 10GBit/s and upwards.

All types of ProgRes microscope cameras from Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme can now be controlled by the Apple Macintosh operating system using the new ProgRes Mac Capture Pro Software.

Jenoptik Laserdiode has launched a new passively-cooled, fibre-coupled diode laser with a significantly higher brightness and a substantially reduced volume than the preview fibre-coupled diode lasers.

Pro-Lite Technology his offering a new series of laser diodes using a non-absorbing mirror (NAM) technology that yields CW output powers up to 10W from 100µm single emitters.

Microcertec is offering ceramic heat sinks for use in laser and opto-electronic systems. They are electrically insulating, chemically resistant and dimensionally stable at high temperatures.

Laser Components is offering PbSe lasers for high-resolution absorption spectroscopy. They have good tunability, and are ideal spectral sources for industrial or medical gas sensors.

Edmund Optics has introduced its new ReflX 15X Objectives, which exhibits near-diffraction limited performance. It is used in applications requiring superior image quality over a broad spectral range.

Laser Components has introduced its Si APDs, which sit alongside its pulsed laser diodes at 850nm and 905nm, also produced in house. They have gained immediate acceptance in the market.

PicoQuant has introduced its latest product developments: the diode laser PDL 808 Sepia II; the PicoHarp 300, a high-end TCSPC Module; and the PicoTA, an amplified pulsed diode laser system.

Elforlight has released the new FQ series lasers for micromachining and materials processing. They provide more than 7W average power, 1-100kHz operation, and pulse width choice of 5ns or 10ns.