Press Releases

Lambda Research has announced the latest release of its illumination design software, TracePro 3.3.6, which is compatible with another new product, TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks.

Pro-Lite Technology LLP has introduced LaserVision’s new low cost safety eyewear offering protection across the entire visible wavelength spectrum, making it of particular interest for those working with LEDs.

Lambda Photometrics has introduced a range of piezo-driven translation stages from Physik Instrumente (PI). The new P-611 series offers five models of horizontal and vertical stages with one to three axes.

Optis has launched the OptisWorks Studio product, which allows users to design both optics and mechanics using just one interface. No CAD software is required to work with OptisWorks Studio.

To be accessible to a wider range of applications, such as LIBS and plasma monitoring, Avantes has extended its spectrometer platform with the AvaSpec-3648-USB2, a new detector type, which supports a larger range of integration times.

The iCAP spectrometer provides excellent resolution, stability and sensitivity and excellent detection limits, which enable enhanced productivity, greater ease of operation and reduced cost of ownership.

Ocean Optics has introduced the QE65000, a highly-sensitive modular spectrometer, available through BFI Optilas. The QE65000 can achieve up to 90 per cent quantum efficiency with high signal-to-noise and rapid signal processing speed.

The Jade series of IR cameras from Cedip Infrared Systems are suited to spectroscopy applications. The Jade SWIR provides excellent spectral response, and operates at 100fps at full image size.

Laser Components has a range of lead-salt (PbS/PbSe) laser diodes, which are ideal for probing of molecules using very narrow linewidth infrared light from 3333 to 400 wavenumbers.

Ophir Optronics has introduced the L50(300)A-IPL Head, specifically designed for energy and power measurement in IPL applications. The Model L50(300)A-IPL Head has a large 65mm aperture.

Jenoptik has introduced the Laser Distance Measuring Module LDM43 with Profibus and SSI Interfaces. A Profibus DP-V0 interface allows for easy integration into field-bus-controlled process automation environments.

The NanoCalc-2000 Thin Film Measurement System, from Mikropack, is an ideal tool for fast, reliable and easy measurement of transparent and semi-transparent thin layers.