A1-series of reflective beam expanders

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Optical Surfaces has introduced a series of reflective beam expanders with an output clear aperture of 75mm and a selection of magnifications, which are designed for researchers requiring high performance and ease-of-use.

Benefiting from a high throughput off-axis design and new assembly technique – the new A1-series delivers high performance at a market competitive price and are available on short delivery times.

Available in 3.5x, 5x, 7.5x and 10x fixed magnification configurations – the reflective beam expanders are designed to be easy to use and to provide accurate, unobstructed expansion of any collimated input light source. They are portable and can be used without the need for internal re-alignment.

The series incorporates high precision off-axis mirrors which have constant focal lengths, regardless of the wavelength of light being focused. As a consequence, unlike lens-based beam expanders, they can be used with collimated polychromatic light without the need of any fine focus adjustment.