A4 series of compact APC laser diodes

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The new ‘A4’ series of compact APC laser diodes from Laser Components offers additional protective functionality for applications in which an eye-safe source of radiation is required. The ‘automatic power control’ (APC) will shut down the laser once a specific operating current is exceeded. 

The A4 laser diodes are insensitive to electrostatic discharges up to 10kV and a stable output power is guaranteed for supply voltages of 2.5-6VDC. As was the case for the device’s predecessor, the APC is located at an ASIC on the same chip as the photodiode and the emitting laser diode, and is integrated in compact TO housings (3.3mm or 5.6mm). Diodes from this series are available at wavelengths between 635nm and 850nm and lend themselves well to applications in high precision measurement.