Android app for portable digital microscope

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Iolight has launched an Android app for its Magnificent Mobile Microscope, which complements the existing app for iPads and iPhones and means that the Magnificent Mobile Microscope can now be used with most field portable screens.

The Iolight microscope delivers microscope images onto your tablet or phone with a resolution of 1 micron. The images appear in the photo gallery of the device, just like any other photograph so they are very simple to share and paste into reports.

The latest Iolight 2mm microscope has a wider field of view. Whereas the 1mm microscope shows the tiny hairs on an insect's wing, the 2mm product shows the whole wing, making it ideal for cell counting applications and general microscopy. The new microscope also has a longer 2.5mm working distance from the lens to the sample, which makes it even easier to use. It also makes the top illuminator really shine for coins and other opaque samples.