AQ2200-232 sensor head

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The AQ2200-232 is a new high-performance optical sensor head that joins Yokogawa’s existing family of optical power meters modules (AQ2200-215 and AQ2200-221) in the company’s modular optical test platform.

The sensor head is used in conjunction with the dual-port AQ2200-202 interface module, and is targeted at making accurate measurements in challenging applications such as power testing of laser chips in free space light, I/L curve measurement of laser-diode modules and multicore fibre measurements (with an MPO connector adapter).

Key features are a 5mm diameter cooled detector, ideal for measurements in free space, a wavelength measurement range from 800 to 1,700nm, and a power measurement range of +15 to -90dBm. It also offers excellant uncertainty of ±1.8 per cent, high stability with constant-temperature control, and a wide single-range power range of 30 dB.