Augmented Microscopy Platform

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Jenoptik Optical Systems has announced the development of an innovative technology to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to conventional microscopy, through the overlay of digital content directly into a commercial-off-the-shelf microscope’s field of view. The technology was developed in collaboration with Google researchers.

Using the platform Google has demonstrated modelling for tumour detection in histopathology slides for both prostate cancer and lymph nodes from breast cancer. The results were presented at the Annual meeting for the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in April.

Jenoptik designed and integrated the opto-mechanical technology of the augmented microscope solution, which was made possible by leveraging its systems engineering experience, optical R&D capabilities, and its portfolio of IP across a breadth of innovative applications and industries.

Strawberries are vulnerable to potato aphids, which have the potential to wipe out an annual harvest. (Image: Aston University)

01 August 2022

The new processor offers computing density several orders higher than that of conventional electronic chips. (Image: University of Oxford/June Sang Lee)

15 June 2022

Artistic representation of a neural network containing optically-interconnected Mach-Zehnder interferometers. The interferometer is the main component of the quantum memristor. (Credit: Equinox Graphics, University of Vienna)

05 April 2022