Beam sampler for high power lasers

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Credit: Gentec-EO

Gentec-EO, a provider of laser beam measurement instruments, has announced a new beam sampler for kilowatt-level lasers. 

The BA32-1KW supports camera-based beam profiling for high power lasers. This water-cooled beam splitter is ideal for inline beam profiling in a variety of high-power applications, from military to industrial materials processing and R&D.

The BA32-1KW beam splitter measures laser beam profiles with power from milliwatts to 1 kW, and at power densities of up to 10 MW/cm2. This device attenuates extremely high power density beams with an attenuation ratio of 1:1900. This enables the use of very sensitive laser beam profilers to measure beam shape, focal spot and even beam waist. The BA32-1KW can also be equipped with a power meter at the second residual beam window to monitor the laser’s power simultaneously with the beam profiling. 

The BA32-1KW operates by reflecting a fraction of the incoming laser beam into the camera through the front surfaces of a pair of orthogonally oriented wedges. This reflects the beam in three directions: approximately 0.05 per cent to the beam profiler camera, 7.4 per cent to the power meter sensor, and 92 per cent to the working beam. The result is uniform attenuation of any beam shape, from Gaussian to flat-top and even doughnut.