Benchtop digital multichannel variable attenuator for component and device testing

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OZ Optics Limited, a supplier of fibre optic products for all applications, has introduced a new line of bench-top test instruments. These instruments feature premium performance, making them ideal for component and device testing. 

Touch screen interfaces, built-in memory and USB 2.0 communication/controls give the user the functionality to streamline and automate the measurement process, while offering unprecedented accuracy.

Bench-top multichannel variable attenuators feature a capacity to control optical power for up to 4 independent channels. The unit is available not only for telecommunication wavelengths, but also for wavelengths from 350 nm to 2050 nm, and works with singlemode, polarisation maintaining and multimode fibres. 

A computer interface enables users to access or remotely control the unit through a PC. Reliable and repeatable test results are ensured through the use of the built-in power meter and power stabilisation function that sets and maintains output power stability, even when there are input power fluctuations. This makes it ideal for bit error rate testing, troubleshooting receivers and other active fibre optic components, simulating long-distance fibre transmission, design of fibre optic transmitter/receiver circuitry, power meter linearity checks, and power setting. With up to 60 dB dynamic range (for SM and PM fibre applications) and a broad list of features, the Benchtop Digital Multichannel Variable Attenuator is a vital tool for optical systems.